CIRP Conference on Electro Physical and Chemical Machining


On behalf of the International Academy of Production Engineering and the University of British Columbia it is my pleasure to welcome you to ISEM XXII which will be held in Vancouver, Canada from Sunday June 1st until Wednesday June 4th, 2025. The venue for this conference will be the beautiful Point Grey campus at the University of British Columbia. Regular attendees will be familiar with the outstanding level of research which is communicated at ISEM conferences in relation to electrophysical manufacturing technologies.

Submissions are welcomed in following areas:

  1. Additive Manufacture (processes, process monitoring, materials and design for AM)
  2. Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM)
  3. Electrochemical Machining (ECM)
  4. Waterjet processing
  5. Laser materials processes
  6. Modelling of processes
  7. All forms of electrophysical processing

我谨代表国际生产工程学会和英属哥伦比亚大学,欢迎您参加将于2025年6月1日(星期日)至6月4日(星期三)在加拿大温哥华举行的第22届ISEM会议。本次会议的地点将是英属哥伦比亚大学美丽的Point Grey校区。定期参加ISEM会议的代表将会熟悉在电物理制造技术领域所传达的卓越研究水平。

Upcoming Dates:

  • September 11, 2024: Call for papers opens
  • January 8, 2025: Call for papers closes
  • February 26, 2025: Notifications sent out
  • March 26, 2025: Early Bird Registration closes

Conference Chair

Dr. Adam T. Clare (UBC)

Conference Co-Chair

Dr Xiaoliang Jin (UBC)

Conference Secretary

Sajad Hosseinimehr (UBC)